If you’ve ever thought the Porsche 911 is good but lacking in all-terrain potential, Gemballa and RUF have just the thing.
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German tuning houses and Porsche specialists, Gemballa and RUF, have revealed off-road versions of the iconic 911.

Gemballa’s Avalanche 4x4 has only been teased with renders, however what’s even more ambitious than the concept is that the model is slated for release within the next two years.

Built on the underpinnings of a current-generation Porsche 911, the Avalanche 4x4 receives major modifications to suit an off-road environment.

The body has been raised dramatically beyond the standard height of the road-going version, with the wheel arches enlarged to fit meaty off-road tyres.

Above: Gemballa Avalanche 4x4

A wide-body kit appears to be fitted, with revisions made to the front and rear bumpers and side skirts.

Most notable is the front bumper, which slopes back underneath the front-end, trading aerodynamic efficiency for increased ground clearance.

What appear to be Aerocatch latches hold down the front cargo cover (bonnet or hood, if you will), along with quick-release straps for the bumper, side-skirts and rear bumper, suggesting the Avalanche 4x4 could be quickly taken apart for maintenance – or perhaps recovery.

Gemballa’s ‘regular’ Avalanche – built on a 997 Carrera Turbo platform – outputs a claimed 494kW and 925Nm, so the Avalanche 4x4 could see similar figures.

Motor1 states the model will be released within the next 24 months.

Above: RUF Rodeo

Meanwhile, RUF’s Rodeo concept offers a little more subtlety (as much as an off-road 911 can), made to look like a classic G-Series in rally form.

The Rodeo concept looks like it might’ve come from a parallel-universe where Mad Max attended design school. The body rides higher than a standard 911 and chunkier thick-tread tyres have been fitted, but the changes are mild compared to the Avalanche 4x4’s.

Conceived by RUF founder Alois Ruf’s wife, Estonia, the body wears two-tone champagne and khaki green paint with a red pinstripe. A small shovel is tied to the engine cover and a sturdy-looking roof rack is also fitted.

Brown paint coats the floodlight housings, front bull-bar and mud-flap. Leather is used for latches to secure the bonnet, boot and floodlight lens covers.

The interior sees extensive use of charred brown leather, with most of the interior covered in the material. The seat backs are patterned with a Navajo Indian theme, inspired by Estonia’s time spent in the United States.

However, underneath the aesthetic styling, the Rodeo is no slouch. The foundation of the concept is RUF’s carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and the model is powered by a tuned, naturally aspirated four-litre flat-six engine producing 368kW and 465Nm with a six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel-drive layout.