It's hard to know where your new car comes from these days. Although a certain brand may be European in its origin, it's likely that certain models aren't actually being built in Europe. This is the case with some German cars that come out of either the United States or South Africa. Volvo, which has traditionally been a Swedish brand, will soon be built at three Chinese plants if new owners Zhejiang Geely Holding Group have their way.
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The Chinese bought Volvo from Ford Motor Co. in August and expect to manufacture up to 300,000 of the cars at three plants planned for China.

So far the company has not confirmed the plans (which will need approval from Volvo's board as well as the Chinese government), but is looking at the southwestern city of Chengdu, the Jiading district and the northeastern city of Daqing for possible plant locations.

Although it's likely that all Chinese produced Volvos will be for the domestic market to start with, in the near future it may be very likely that Australia will source its Volvos from China. So the question has to be asked, would you buy a Chinese built Volvo?