The sheet has been pulled back on the most powerful road-legal Italian car in history.
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Pininfarina has revealed its Battista Anniversario with an online unveiling after the hypercar’s Geneva motor show debut was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns.

With a price tag of €2.6 million (AU$4.42 million), just five Anniversario models are set to be hand-built in Cambiano, Turin in Northern Italy.

The five Anniversarios are included in the 150 Battistas that are ever set to leave the factory.

The Anniversario edition of the Battista will see use of a huge 120kWh battery pack and an electric motor on each wheel, providing a combined eye-watering 1417kW and 2300Nm.

Torque vectoring will be used to maximise available grip for each tyre. The result is a claimed 0-100km/h dash in less than two seconds and a 0-300km/h haul in less than 12. Top speed is listed at 350km/h.

The exact driving range is not stated, however Pininfarina claims it exceeds 500km.

The Battista Anniversario will ride on centre-lock forged aluminium wheels measuring 20-inch diameter in the front and 21-inch in the rear. Pininfarina claims this wheel design saves almost 10 kilogram of unsprung weight, which translates to improved handling.

Each of the five Anniversario models to be built will receive a bespoke heritage livery. Inside, the hypercar gets a three-colour combination comprised of ‘Bianco Sestriere’, ‘Grigio Antonelliano’ and ‘Iconica Blu’ colours.

The Anniversario also comes standard with the ‘Furiosa’ aero package that can be optioned for standard Battistas, including a carbon-fibre front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser.

However, the Anniversario’s aero bits are finished with a tint and pinstripe of colours seen in the interior – a detail that cannot be optioned on the standard Battista.

Pininfarina claims that each paint job can take several weeks, as the colour and finish is built up in layers. The Battista Anniversario's body is disassembled three times so the pinstripe details can be hand-painted.

Delivery of the Battista and Battista Anniversario is expected by the end of 2020.