New Transforming show car is two SUVs in one: one for town and one for travel.
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The new Renault Morphoz concept has been unveiled today, offering a glimpse at the French company's ideas for efficient vehicle ownership.

Revealed as two SUVs in one, the Morphoz boasts the bizarre ability to shorten or lengthen its body and wheelbase on command, depending on the user's requirements.

Its standard setting is 'City mode', making the Morphoz a relatively standard electric SUV at 4.4 metres long and riding on a 2.73-metre wheelbase.

Above: City mode at top, travel model bottom. Visual markers include the extended space between the front door and front guard, and the higher-set tailgate (note the 'scooped' appearance at the bottom of the tailgate in City mode)

In this form, the Morphoz carries a 40kWh battery pack that claims a (somewhat remarkable) 400-kilometre driving range. More than ideal for regular city driving, and plenty beyond.

Roll up to a dedicated Renault station, however, and the Morphoz can stretch to a Travel mode, extending its wheelbase to 2.93 metres and its overall length to 4.8 metres.

In the process, a 50kWh battery pack is slotted in beside the 40kWh unit, boosting driving range to 700 kilometres.

Oddly, the larger battery adds less energy than the existing range of the smaller standard battery, although weight and efficiency is likely a factor here.

In addition to the longer driving range, the lengthened Morphoz adds room for additional storage and more rear legroom.

Despite its edgy futuristic look, the Morphoz is built on the existing Renault Nissan CMF-EV platform. There are no confirmed plans for production, but it appears the company is at least keeping the door open to such potential.

Interestingly, Renault says that batteries not already in use and still stored at the charging station, could instead be set to store and contribute energy into the national grid.