Another power seller in Australia offers a carrot to EV owners
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Australian electricity and gas retailer Red Energy has offered a freebie to its customers who own an electric vehicle (EV).

It says it will provide free electricity usage between noon and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays for those with EVs, and a smart or interval meter.

Red also "guarantees" that for every unit of electricity a customer uses, it will match it by generating one unit from a renewable source.

Red Energy is the retail arm of Snowy Hydro Limited, which owns and operates the Snowy Mountains hydro-electric scheme.

“We are a business that’s owned and powered by one of Australia’s leaders in renewable
energy, Snowy Hydro” claims Red Energy CEO Iain Graham.

"We know renewables are important to electric vehicle owners which is why we think Red’s offer will appeal to these customers."

Charging an electric vehicle is estimated to add approximately 35 per cent to an average
person's annual consumption.

Little wonder, then, that power sellers want more people to drive EVs: that's money for them, instead of the likes of Shell and BP!

Red Energy has three electric vehicles in its company fleet and says it plans to install a
charging station at its Richmond contact centre in inner-Melbourne.

Red Energy isn't the only power seller offering EV owners incentives.

AGL gives a claimed $480 of bonus credits over two years (a $60 credit every three months) to EV owners, with other plan components including carbon offsets.

Powershop offers "super off-peak tariffs" for electric vehicles between midnight and 4am on weekdays, banking on owners scheduling charges on their wallboxes.