Mazda announced yesterday that production of the Mazda6 has hit an all-new level. The two-millionth unit rolled out of the Hofu-based assembly line just as August sales were finalised.
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The milestone came about after the model had been in production for just eight and half years, first launched in February 2002. Since its launch, the Mazda6 has been praised by motoring enthusiasts, journalists and its customers. The car has also won around 130 credible awards internationally, all in recognition of the car's overall ability.

It's the second time since Mazda has produced these sorts of numbers in a similar time frame. The Mazda3 being the only other car in the company's lineup to achieve such success.

Over 90,000 of the Japanese-made Australian-sold Mazda6 models accounted for the milestone. Mazda’s senior managing executive officer in charge of R&D and Program Management, Seita Kanai, has been somewhat attached to the model, saying in a recent report,

"I was the first generation model’s development program manager, and I still have a special fondness for this terrific car. I’m grateful to the two million-plus customers around the world who have purchased a Mazda6. I would like to say thank you to each and every customer."

Mazda will continue to produce the well-equipped mid-sized sedan well into the future. The car showcases a five-star safety rating, offers plenty of standard features and can be had in both wagon and sedan form, powered by petrol and diesel variants; it's no wonder the car has reached this achievement.