Australian customers that missed out on presales will have another chance to own the sought-after sports coupe.
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Toyota Australia has secured additional GR Supra supply – and they'll be available for purchase directly through dealerships.

The exact number of extra cars available at dealerships is still unclear due to global demand for the model, with a Toyota spokesperson telling CarAdvice our allocation is "an ever-changing number".

“We’re trying to get as many as we can ... It’s on a month-by-month basis," the spokesperson said.

The extra cars are current models – the new allocation doesn't include the recently-announced, powered-up Supra arriving later in the year.

Unlike the initial allocation of Supras, which were sold using an online reservation system, the latest batch will be available through dealers.

A move to dealer sales could spell good news for aspiring GR Supra owners who missed out in 2019. The first online sales campaign saw all 150 cars sell out in only 22 minutes, and the second campaign had concluded by the end of 2019.

As previously reported by CarAdvice, the move to dealer sales could increase negotiation headroom and lead to sharper pricing for consumers.

The change could also remove the ‘lottery’ aspect of ownership and neuter financial speculators, who bought and re-sold early Supra build slots for up to $25,000 more than the full retail price.

Toyota says it had sold 345 Supras to the end of January 2020.