The highly-anticipated Range Rover Evoque is still undergoing product development and technical maturing it seems, having been recently caught being thrown about on the Nurburgring for further on-road scrutiny.
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The car is scheduled to be launched in Australia during the third quarter of 2011. It'll be offered in five-door and two-door guise and available in four-wheel and rear-wheel drive platforms. There's also a range of un-confirmed engine packages to be on offer, including a rumoured 2.0-litre, 175kW/338Nm Ford EcoBoost engine.

The Evoque being tested below is the five-door version, and if the EcoBoost rumour ever needed video backing, then this would be it. The car sounds very subdued and refined; almost like it's being powered by a 2.0-litre engine, possibly turbocharged...

Either way, it appears to be handling the famous, torturous proving ground quite well.