The carmaker has recalled 15,000 early examples of its electric SUV in North America alone.
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Tesla has announced it will voluntarily recall 15,000 Model X SUVs over the risk its power steering components will fail.

UPDATE (18/02/20): The recall has expanded to include 3183 Model Xs in China, as reported by Reuters.

CarAdvice understands no Australian vehicles are included in the recall.

The campaign includes vehicles built before mid-October 2016 and is not attributable to Australian models, as local Model X deliveries only began later in 2016.

According to a Tesla statement, aluminium fasteners used to connect power steering components in affected cars could corrode excessively, eventually resulting in a fracture and complete failure.

Reuters reports 15,000 vehicles are included in the recall.

In April 2018, Tesla Australia recalled 874 examples of the 2012-16 Model S due to a similar issue with a power steering bolt.

Tesla claims the risk of this corrosion is increased in colder regions that de-ice their roads with calcium or magnesium-based salts. To date, the brand is not aware of any injuries or collisions caused by the failure.

Tesla is also involved in an ongoing dispute over an unintended acceleration claim that could see 500,000 vehicles across the 2012-19 Model S, 2016-19 Model X and 2018-19 Model 3 lines recalled.