Around the Tracks: Hearses, F-Type, and McLaren

Well, why shouldn't hearses be electric?
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It's Time For Hearses To Go Electric - Max Finkel, Jalopnik

Green funerals are becoming rather fashionable these days, with options like urns that grow into trees and biodegradable caskets becoming increasingly popular. But what about getting to the graveside? My humble suggestion is that hearses go electric. It actually makes a lot of sense.

Plug in, and say farewell

Big Mac Special - Sam Smith, Road and Track

In the years since, no one has built a game changer so focused and stirring. Until the McLaren Senna—a carbon fibre, active-bodywork hypercar aimed obsessively at downforce and feedback. And like the F1, around $1 million new.

That's a good day at work

2020 Jaguar F-Type R | Driven - Matt Bird, Pistonheads

But there’s another way to think of the F-Type; alongside the fact it still looks pretty damn good despite advancing years, consider where sports cars have gone since 2013.

A new look for a long-running Jaguar favourite