Following the unveiling of the new Chevrolet Cruze hatchback, Holden has laid claim to its stunning design which was perfected and built by Holden's Port Melbourne design studio.
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The Chevrolet Cruze hatchback is being dubbed a showcar - not quite a concept but not quite production ready - and will make its debut at the Paris motor show as one of four world premieres for Chevrolet.

The final production iteration of the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback - or Holden Cruze hatchback to be more specific - will be built in several countries, including Australia by late 2011.

This has been a significant undertaking for the Holden design studio which has spent more than 12 months on the project working with GM designers around the world, lead by Holden Chief Designer Richard Ferlazzo.

"Our brief was to create an alternative body style to the traditional sedan that retained the same dynamic proportions that has made Cruze such a success around the world,” Mr Ferlazzo said.“We are very proud of the result which will be tailored further for the Australian market and given an appearance consistent with the rest of the Holden portfolio next year.”

According to General Motors, the Holden Design Studio is just one of three facilities in the GM blogal design network capable of designing and building prototype concept vechiles for exhibitions and auto shows.

Having previously produced stunning concepts such as the Holden Efijy and Holden Coupe60, it is little wonder that Australia was chosen to head the design of GM's next global model.