Toyota FT-86 Sedan?

There are plenty of rumours on the web, that a four-door sedan version of the Toyota FT-86 coupe has already been given the go ahead although, there is still no conformation from Toyota or project partner, Subaru.
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Subaru’s version of the same car is said to be skewed more towards a performance machine as per this photo from Autocar, but both cars will clearly possess a good dollop of sports DNA.

It makes sense right? To build at least one other version of the car, just in case there is a greater demand for four doors over two.

Whatever versions we end up with, they both should be cracking drives, given the Subaru Liberty platform and drivetrain, which will most likely be the 152kW (204 hp) mated to a six speed manual gearbox or CVT unit in the base models.

Luxury versions of the FT-86 might even end up with Subaru’s 3.6-litre H6 powerplant, but again, this is speculation.