2011 BMW M5 towed off the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is one of the most demanding stretches of tarmac on the planet which is why it is so popular among car makers to test their latest creations.
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Although this particular outing has proved all too much for the 2011 BMW M5 prototype in these photos which had to be towed off the 'Ring on top of a car trailer due to an unknown issue.

With no exterior damage to speak of, it it more likely that the prototype suffered a mechanical or electrical issue which required the help of BMW's support vehicle to retrieve it from a remote corner of the Green Hell.

Fortunately for BMW, this is all part of the development process and is just one less issue likely to end up in the final production model.

BMW has not yet made an official announcement on where and when the 2011 BMW M5 will make its official debut, although the Paris auto show is currently the best guess.