Italian police reportedly fined close to 200 people in a matter of hours.
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Milan authorities banned cars from driving within city limits for one full day in an effort to combat the Italian city's smog and pollution issues.

Motorists in Milan were unable to drive cars in the city from 10am until 6pm on Sunday, February 2, instead relying on bikes, scooters and public transport to get around.

But according to the BBC, Italian police had their hands full monitoring those not adhering to the 'Sunday walk' day, reportedly handing out 162 fines in under three hours.

Electric vehicles and the disabled were both exempt from the ban, and some streets remained open to allow access to San Siro stadium.

The all-day ban follows both Rome and Milan implementing temporary bans on diesel vehicles during the month of January, after high temperatures and low winds prompted smog emergency warnings in cities across Italy.

It's not the first time Milan has implemented all-day vehicle bans, with local authorities first testing the measure in 2007 and implementing partial or temporary bans on several occasions since.

The city regularly ranks high on World Health Organisation lists of Europe's most polluted cities, along with other Italian hubs like Rome, Turin and Naples.