The Spectre SpeedLiner has broken the petrol-powered four-wheel land speed record at a recent Bonneville Speedweek. The car broke the existing 531km/h (330mph) record on August 19 and posted a top speed of 560.8km/h (348mph). Now the team has hopes to crack the 400mph mark (644km/h).
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Driver, Amir Rosenbaum, said in a recent press release,

"This is the purest form of motorsports in the world. There are no limitations. It's all about imagination and a dream. Speed Week was an incredible experience, I joined one of the most exclusive clubs on earth and we set three records - but we remain focused on breaking the 400mph barrier and becoming the fastest gasoline powered car on earth. So we're going back, in one month, with more power, safer parachutes and one goal: 400mph."

So, what kind of colossus pushes this black bullet-shaped beast along? Two Cadillac V8 engines with a total displacement of around 16-plus litres all pressurised by four turbochargers. Power is said to hover around the 2300-3000 kilowatt mark. Just a bit more than the average car, then. Here's a taste of what that all means.