Toyota sales ahead of the rest for August 2010

According to VFACTS, Toyota has once again been the leading manufacturer in car sales. Toyota sold 16,633 vehicles during August 2010, up by 639 units - or four percent - compared to the same month in 2009.
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This was followed by Holden, who sold 11,146 cars during the same period. It wasn't as many as Toyota, but Holden did enjoy an increase of 17.3 percent compared to August 2009 sales. Ford took up third spot and sold 8212 vehicles, up by 7.7 percent compared to last year.

Other major changes in recent sales were with Aston Martin. In August 2009 the company sold just three vehicles. In 2010, the company sold 18 cars. Lotus also sold seven cars compared to just two from last year, which didn't have much to do with the Evora, surprisingly. Lotus sold three Exiges and three Elises with the Evora making up the last unit.

As far as manufacturers that suffered last month go, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Hummer and Smart saw fairly big drops in sales. Making up the top three biggest declines were Hummer, at 60 percent. Smart, at 64 percent, and Saab, understandably with no cars to sell, selling 98 percent less cars in August 2010 than August 2009.

So the best selling car for Toyota in August 2010 was? The Toyota Corolla of course, which was sold to 3520 buyers. The overall best-selling car though was the Holden Commodore which was sold to 3674 buyers.