Spotify promises to curate your perfect commute with its latest launch

Your Daily Drive, the ideal blend of news and music, is finally hitting Australian shores.

The daily trip to work can be hellish at best, but Spotify is attempting to improve the whole process ever-so-slightly with the launch of a customised commute playlist for Australians.

Titled Your Daily Drive, the playlist promises to combat first-world problems like podcast fatigue, talkback radio anxiety and 'no new music' syndrome by offering Spotify subscribers a mix of news and pop culture updates, new music and a handful of old favourite tracks.

Short-form weekday news podcasts From The Newsroom(, The Quicky (Mamamia), The Squiz (an independent news podcast) and 7am (from the publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper) will be interspersed with both suggested listening and proven hits.

Available through the Spotify app homepage, listeners can access the Your Daily Drive playlist morning and night – with the news and music offerings updated throughout the day.

The playlist will also be available on Saturdays and Sundays, with weekend commuters receiving news, science, comedy and true crime content via From The Newsroom (, The Betoota Advocate, The Squiz Shortcuts, Today in True Crime, and Shots of Science Vs.

While it's by no means new – it launched in the United States and Sweden in 2019 – Your Daily Drive is getting a local twist for Australian listeners in 2020.

Previously, Australian listeners could access the US version of the playlist, but would be served American podcasts and news via outlets like The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and PRI (Public Radio International).

Now, all news content is local and timed to Australian time zones, so you're no longer receiving stale updates from the day before.

Spotify's research found that 80 per cent of all Australians listen to music in the car at least once a week, driving demand for a "seamless and unified listening experience".

Your Daily Drive will be available to anyone who is a Spotify subscriber from January 29, 2020.

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