Anderson Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Black with 500kW

The ultimate car of the night, the Anderson-enhanced Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Black... black. Anderson treat the interior, the exterior and the engine to a full revamping.
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Cosmetically, the big coupe gets a 'carbon packet' so the grille, the side mirrors, window frames and doors handles are exchanged for carbon fibre alternatives. The CL65 gets new wheels too, in case you somehow didn't notice. They measure 22 inchs of course. On a car like this, any smaller would not suffice.

The interior features double cord edging and diamond-patterned leather. It's all two-tone in black and brown/red with a soft brown Alcantara roof lining. There's also a new in-car entertainment package lined with carbon fibre trimming.

Let's just cut to the chase though. That 456kW, twin turbo V12 is boosted. Boosted to create 500kW. Just to put that into perspective, that's five times the power of a Toyota Corolla, in one car.

The ultimate stealth machine.