Epic EV Torq 150kW electric three wheeler

After a funny-looking trike that kind of looks like a speed boat going backwards? Welcome then, the Epic EV Torq. As the name suggests, this is an electric vehicle.
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The trike/car only weighs 771 kilograms, which isn't really all that light in the world of kit-car lookalikes. But this Torq is powered by a 150kW electric motor so there's no chance of sluggish acceleration. Mated to a single-speed transmission - including a reverse gear - the motor is said to be capable of pulling through from any speed.

No official acceleration times have been recorded yet but the trike/car is expected to be 'fast'. Providing the power is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack which can be charged through a 110/220 volt socket, or a conventional 240 volt Australian socket.

Keen Cadillac fans may recognise the Cadillac CTS headlights whilst scaffolding enthusiasts will appreciate the grafted aluminium framework that makes up the body.

More details including production plans will be released in the coming months.