2011 Maybach 57 and 62

Maybach has announced it will launch a 2011 Maybach 57 and Maybach 62, which sees revisions to the interior, build materials as well as the addition of hybrid technology.
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Maybach hasn't really done all that well in the automotive market lately, especially with the global financial crisis making it difficult, even for big executives, to buy extra icing for their cake. Maybach sells just 200-300 units per year, Kerry Packer wannabes have had to 'settle' for top line BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As the recession takes a recess, big businesses, especially online companies, are starting to boom. This is where the million-dollar Maybach comes (back) into play.

The exterior of the Maybach has never really been its best side, or indeed, even a reason to buy it. And with this latest model, the same can be said. But it's the interior that's the place to be. People buy this car to be driven in so it has to be nice inside and with the 2011 model, it certainly looks like it will be.

Just check out that Japanese-style skylight roof, it's made up of square electro-transparent panoramic glass panels. What? Well, if you're going to pay this much for a car you'd want a roof to be called something, it can't simply be a 'roof'. These glass panels can be made clear, frosted or completely opaque at the touch of a button, letting in various levels of light.

The rear seats, as usual, fully recline like a Lay-Z-Boy lounge. And don't worry, Maybach won't have you dangling your legs, swaying to the trust of the twin turbo V12 up front, no, there's an ergonomically-tested leather and electrically-controlled, roll-out leg rest.

A hybrid engine is also said to be powering the new Maybach. Although the 6.0-litre V12 engine may not be the most frugal package around, a 15kW electric motor could be used as a way of bringing the fuel economy down by approximately one litre per 100 kilometres, and allowing the car to be driven in full-electric mode - the recession isn't quite over yet - for up to 16 kilometres.

Maybe this economical focus will help the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary boost its sales. Interested consumers are encouraged to have their PA inquire within...