ANCAP demands standard ESC

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (the people that do all the safety testing) has challenged both the Liberal and Labor party to ensure Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is standard in all vehicles manufactured and sold in Australia.
ANCAP demands standard ESC
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The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) has recently released a research showing how ESC markedly reduces single-vehicle crashes. The research looked at accidents in Australia involving cars with and without ESC and showed it is particularly effective in reducing single vehicle accidents.

"ESC has proven to reduce crashes – particularly roll-over crashes among four wheel drives – and ANCAP believes governments should move to ensure this is a standard feature on Australian cars,” ANCAP Chair Lauchlan McIntosh said.

The research found that ESC has the benefit of a 27% reduction in single car crashes and 68% reduction in single-vehicle 4WD crashes.

"ESC saves lives and, in a country where five people die each day on the roads, all governments should support this technology which will save Australians from crashes, serious injury and death." Mr McIntosh said.

Our allies in the U.S. suffer from a high number of SUV accidents, preventable by ESC, as a result the U.S. government has introduced new laws to mandate a progressive introduction of ESC from September 2008.

In Australia the Holden Commodore, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Camry and Toyota Aurion all come standard with ESC (as well as the majority of European cars). Some notable exceptions include the Mitsubishi 380 and the Toyota Corolla.

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