Loaded BMW M3 CSL topples ring record

A supercharged BMW M3 CSL has shaved more than five-seconds off the record time set by the illustrious Pagani Zonda F to set a shattering lap record of 7:22.8 around the Nurburgring with driver Richard Göransson behind the wheel.
Ring Record Topples - Again
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While it has obviously been modified, it still only produces 397kW compared to the Zonda's 443kW, and actually weighs 180kg more than the Zonda - all on the chassis of a BMW M3.

With this in mind, to lap the Nurburgring five seconds faster than a Zonda is nothing short of incredible - if not slightly unbelievable, luckily there is a video.

But wait, there's more - you could actually own this car for the paltry bid of a dollar, so long as no one else has either. The team behind the car have placed it up for a reverse auction at where the lowest unique bid wins, and its all for charity.

This is open to Australian bidders, in fact anyone around the world, so long as you are over 18.

Source: CarScoop