BMW has released details of the upcoming special edition BMW M3 Tiger Edition, which is planned for the Chinese market. The obvious colour choice was chosen to mark the Chinese Year of the Tiger tradition.
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The special edition is don in the hard-to-miss bright Fire Orange metallic paint we first saw on the BMW M3 GTS. Like the GTS, released in Europe, the Tiger Edition will be a limited production run. In this case, only 250 of them are scheduled to go on sale.

Contrasting orange and black theme continues throughout the car; special 19 inch 59M wheels, trademark kidney grilles at the front as well as the bonnet vents are all painted in black. The interior also features black leather seats all stitched up in orange thread.

It comes as the third special edition BMW M3 to be released around the world - after the BMW M3 Frozen Gray Edition and the BMW M3 GTS - all created to help BMW celebrate 25 years of the two-door sports car.