Tesla delivers first Chinese-made Model 3s

Tesla has delivered the first cars from its Shanghai Gigafactory, less than a year after first breaking ground on the site.
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Tesla has delivered the first cars from its new factory in Shanghai, China, less than 12 months after breaking ground on the site.

The first 15 examples of the Chinese-built Model 3 were handed over to Tesla employees on December 30, according to The New York Times, with one employee proposing to his girlfriend at the event.

The only difference between cars built in Shanghai and those assembled in California is the badge, which is Chinese.

Production at the Shanghai factory is expected to ramp up in January, as Tesla pushes to build 250,000 cars at the facility in 2020.

According to The New York Times, Tesla plans to more than double its current after-sales staff, and will continue building charging stations across China to "assure customers of standardised after-sales service".

Along with the Chinese facility, Tesla is planning to bolster its Nevada, California and New York factories with one in Berlin.

Tesla hasn't revealed when it plans to break ground on the German factory, nor when it will being building cars. It will also establish an engineering and design centre in Germany.