Lexus LS460 Delayed

I write a little bit some two weeks ago about the Lexus LS460 being launched in Australia later in the year (Nov 2006), despite all my praise and Lexus' claim that the car will be here soon, CarsGuide reports today that the Lexus LS460 will be delayed!
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I mean if you simply sit down and think, that the LS460 is going to come with an EIGHT speed automatic.. yes, 8, you can see why I am a little dissapointed. It appears that Lexus will now launch the LS460 alongside the LS600hL (the long-wheelbase V12 hybrid limousine) early next year. Current estimates suggest March 2007.

"It is imperative that LS460 and LS600hL both launch with significant feature advantages," Lexus Australia divisional manager Scott Grant says."The LS460 introduced in Australia must be equal in specification to that in all world markets."

Given the delay, the array of electronic gadgetry is set to increase with the 2007 arrival date. Originally the radar-based active cruise control and lane shift warning systems were not going to make it with the initial launch, however they both seem more likely to make it now!

Reports suggest that the decision to delay the Lexus LS460 came from Japan.