From the start of 2020, drivers in Western Australia won't be updated as to where mobile speed cameras are located.
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Watch out West Australians, the chances of getting pinged at one of the state’s 1800 speed camera locations just increased exponentially.

From the start of 2020, the West Australian Government will scrap the regular updates it provides to the public on exactly where the police have installed mobile speed cameras on any given day.

It was a helpful service, allowing alert motorists to navigate the state’s road network without fear of getting busted by a camera.

Now, however, the state government will scrap that service, offering instead a list of the 1800 locations around the state where speed cameras might be located without revealing where the dreaded revenue-raising shutter boxes are actually located.

The news comes as the New South Wales government is still weighing whether to remove warning signs alerting drivers to speed camera locations following a report from the Auditor General, Margaret Crawford which recommended the removal of warning signs.

"Expert advice says we could save 54 lives a year by removing speed camera warning signs," NSW Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance said in a November statement.

“We will consider any advice that tells us we can save lives.”

It’s understood the New South Wales Government will raise around $200 million in revenue this year from fixed and mobile cameras.