Peugeot has been taking the EURO 5 emission regulations very seriously and since 2009 the company has been aiming to adapt all its models to adhere to these stringent standards. The current Peugeot Euro 5 approved engine is available in the 207, 308, 3008, 407 and 4007.
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General manager and director of Peugeot Australia, Ken Thomas, said in a recent report,

"For some time now, we have been aware, as have the rest of the motor industry that emissions are of a growing concern to motorists, both here and world wide, which is precisely why all passenger and SUV vehicles in our range will have transitioned from EURO 4 to EURO 5 standards by the end of this year. Indeed a high proportion of our current model range is already available for sale with this advanced technology.”

The current Peugeot lineup achieves an average of 171gm of CO2/km - based on an average of all vehicles sold during January to July 2010. Peugeot is adamant it will achieve Australia's new vehicle emission targets of 190 grams of CO2 per kilometre by 2015, too.

Peugeot also offers ten models throughout its range that spit out less than 135gm of CO2/km.