Hulme Supercars, the company that is hoping to build supercars based on Denis Hulme's - New Zealand's only Formula One world champion - 1960 Brabham F1 car. The Hulme CanAm, Hulme Spyder and Hulme F1 are now receiving backing from AP Racing, Hella, Koni and Pirelli and are seeking final funding for production.
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The Hulme F1 takes its design cues from the Hulme F1 car of 1967. Hulme (the company) wanted to create a car that was as outrageous and individual as the insane F1 racer. The bath-tub-looking chassis is as a purpose built design that is both strong and very light, wrapped in carbon fibre panels.

The CanAm will be powered by a 7.0-litre, General Motors LS7 V8 developing 450kW. In a tub, or car rather, weighing just 980kg, it's going to be a pretty quick bit of gear. There's also a sequential-shifting six-speed gearbox putting all that power down through the rear wheels.

As mentioned, the car will incorporate AP Racing brakes, Koni suspension and specially developed Pirelli tyres. The Hulme Spyder and F1 are the cars the company is aiming to produce for the road. They're basically a CanAm only fitted with necessities such as windscreen wipers, ABS and revised front and rear wings.

Hulme is currently seeking further funding for the production of the three cars, and hopes manufacturing will remain in New Zealand. Hulme and enthusiasts believe this car will become a reality within the next two years. Watch out Ariel Atom. For a bit of history behind Hulme, click here.