Thought playing Monopoly with the family was hell? The Green Hell is here to help.
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Ever wanted to own the Nurburgring Nordschleife? Now you can, and it won’t cost the €77 million ($124.6 million) when it last changed hands in 2014.

Instead, for around €45 ($70) you can now play capitalist race-track owner with the Nurburgring edition of Monopoly.

An official product of the Nurburgring, this edition allows you to buy famous sections and corners of the Nordschleife, such as Flugplatz, Metzgesfeld, and Galgenkoff.

The premium real estate, however, are the Karussell and Brunnchen which proudly occupy the spaces held by Mayfair and Park Lane on the traditional Monopoly board.

Game pieces eschew the traditional dog, hat, thimble in favour of an open-wheel racer, a helmet and a trophy, amongst others. And instead of erecting houses and hotels on acquired properties, you are tasked with building grandstands.

Better brush up on your German though, as an English language version is currently unavailable. And it seems the official Nurburgring online shop does not ship outside of Europe.

Might be time to fire up eBay, if you desperately want to race around the Nordschleife from the comfort of your lounge room.