Mercedes-Benz SLS by BRABUS

If you like the look of the Mercedes-Benz SLS, but want it to go a little quicker than the guy next door who only has the production version, then you’ll most likely want to talk with high-end German tuner, BRABUS.
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They do Carbon fibre, handling and lightweight better than anybody else on the planet. They also happen to build the world’s fastest Mercedes-Benz cars, with models appropriately badged the “Bullit” and “Rocket”.

This time, BRABUS engineers have been working on the beautiful SLS with its Gul1wing doors, and additional power and performance has been achieved predominantly by reducing the weight of the car through the use of exotic components.

BRABUS call it the ‘Sport’ program, which includes ultra-lightweight forged wheels, carbon fibre crafted aerodynamic enhancements, electronically adjustable ‘smooth-ride’ suspension (Ride Control) and Titanium exhaust system with bypass gate, along with bespoke BRABUS leather interior.

The thinly spoked forged wheels are 21-inches on the rear and 20-inches up front and are 12 percent lighter than the standard fit version.

The exhaust system with sizeable 3.3-inch tips, not only weighs 12 kilograms less than the production unit, but also means an additional 10 horsepower in engine output.

Anyone who can afford a BRABUS tuned SLS is very likely to be working a few late nights at the office and arriving home well after the neighbours have hit the lights out switch.

Normally, that might cause concern with the rather deep engine note, but BRABUS has developed a stealth mode in the form of a pneumatically controlled bypass gate, which can be activated from the cockpit.

The custom developed, height adjustable BRABUS ‘smooth-ride’ control allows the driver to lower the ride height of the SLS by up to 40mm. Damper settings are also adjustable at the touch of a button for a smooth or track like set-up.

The Super-light carbon fibre is similar to that used in Formula One cars and make up the front spoiler, which both reduces lift on the front axle, resulting in more stability at high speeds.

For the interior, owners can choose either Alcantara or leather, in any colour they wish.

While we don’t yet have a price on the BRABUS tuned SLS, you can bet it will be plenty.