Victorian road work speed limits revised

In a recent Herald Sun report, Roads Minister Tim Pallas said motorists are tired of having to obey to reduced road work speed limits, even when the workers had clocked off for the day.
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Tim Pallas would like to see the workers respect the laws and remove speed limit signs after they clock off. Pallas said in the report,

"We expect drivers to do the right thing when travelling through work zones, but it is just as important that contractors adjust or remove their speed limit signs in a timely manner."

As of September 1, road work speed limits can be no lower than 20km/h below the original speed limit, except during special circumstances. Not only that, workers will be banned from working for the government if they fail to remove the signs or if they post ridiculously low limits.

Motorists who endure any ridiculous road work speed limits are encouraged to contact VicRoads on 131170.

Source: Herald Sun and AdelaideNow