As it did with the Model 3, Tesla will focus its initial Cybertruck launch on high-specification models before filling entry-level orders.
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Tesla has reshuffled the production schedule of its polarising Cybertruck ute.

According to the company’s online configurator, the flagship Tri Motor AWD Cybertruck will launch alongside the Dual Motor in late 2021 – a year earlier than first announced at the truck’s reveal.

In turn, the entry-level Single Motor RWD variant is now slated to enter production in late 2022, one year later than initially detailed.

The change has likely been made due to increased pre-order demand for the top-spec variant than initially expected.

Five days after revealing the Cybertruck – when pre-order numbers sat at a claimed 146,000 – CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter that 42 per cent of reservations were for the Dual Motor AWD variant, 41 per cent for the Tri Motor and just 17 per cent for the Single Motor.

Tesla took a similar path with the launch of the Model 3 sedan, when the company opted to launch higher-spec Long Range and Performance variants first to attract maximum profit margins before commencing production of the less-profitable Standard Range model in early 2019.

As a refresher, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in November, with three variants on offer.

The rear-wheel-drive, USD$39,990 Single Motor offers 400km (250mi) of range, and completes the 0-60mph (97km/h) sprint in 6.5 seconds.

The mid-spec $49,990 Dual Motor adds a motor up front for all-wheel-drive, complemented by a larger battery delivering 480km (300mi) of range and a 4.5-second 0-60mph (97km/h) sprint.

USD$69,990 buys you the top-spec Tri Motor AWD, capable of travelling over 800km (500mi) on a single charge and completing the 0-60mph sprint in a supercar-rivalling 2.9 seconds.

Australian-market order books are now open for deposits, but local deliveries will likely not commence until 2022 or 2023.