Jaguar I-Pace 2019 ev400 se awd (294kw)

2019 Jaguar I-Pace SE long-term review: Off the beaten track

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In our last update, we hit the slopes in Jaguar's first electric car. This time around, with almost 10,000km on the clock, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace acted as a support vehicle for an off-road test we were shooting, and we wanted to see how it would go with a few light off-road obstacles thrown at it.

Featuring a wading depth of 500mm, the I-Pace is surprisingly just shy of the Nissan Navara, which can wade up to 600mm of water.

While you're not going to be fording rivers any time soon, it's reassuring to know that despite being an electric vehicle, the I-Pace can make it through a basic water crossing.

With the optional air suspension, the I-Pace offers up to 241mm of ground clearance. With a basic coil-sprung set-up, like our long-termer, you'll only be able to make it across 142mm worth of terrain.

The lack of air suspension will seriously limit your ability to make it across things like breakovers and moguls with raised sections.

We found that the car would bottom out over our seesaw, which most basic SUVs make it across without too many issues.

In addition to the dynamic and eco driving modes, there's also an off-road mode that dulls throttle response and allows extra freedom to the traction-control systems. This came in handy when we tried our log climb.

In our recent midsize SUV off-road test, none of the contenders could make it up the logs. But, the caveat there was that the logs were slippery and muddy when we tried in the SUVs.

This time around, the I-Pace made it up the logs without too much fuss. There were moments of wheel slip, but the traction-control system successfully reined it in without any issues.

One of the big advantages of an off-road electric vehicle is the instant control the motors have over torque delivery. Torque can be managed faster and easier thanks to instant torque availability.

While the I-Pace is a road-going electric vehicle, we're excited to see how off-road-focussed electric vehicles will perform in desolate and challenging terrain.

Bring it on, we say!

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