Lewis Hamilton's attempt to show-off in front of his fans came to end in March, when the Formula 1 driver was caught by Victorian police outside Albert Park during the Australian Formula One Grand Prix doing a burnout in his borrowed Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The car was then impounded and he was summoned to court.
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Hamilton has now been charged under the recent hoon laws and was fined on Tuesday. The fine was said to total a whopping... $500; an amount Lewis earns in a matter of minutes. Magistrate Clive Alsop said shortly after the charge that he would not impose Hamilton with a criminal conviction due to it being his first offense. He also said that Hamilton was ashamed and remorseful and pleaded guilty first off.

Alsop did say that Hamilton's behaviour was unacceptable though, and said in a recent British Telegraph report,

"This isn't about somebody's character, this is about somebody in a responsible position behaving like a hoon."

Meanwhile Hamilton is relieved the whole ordeal is finally over,

"I've made clear throughout that I've regretted my actions in this matter, and I'm pleased that it has now drawn to a close," Hamilton said.

We'll at least he's learned his lesson now and won't drive in a manner dangerous ever again...