Here's all the most interesting stuff from the week of November 19.
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Darcy Foster • People often say “don’t forget where you came from”. Although we’re focused on every new car, every last detail here at CarAdvice, we have an extensive back-catalogue of news stories, lifestyle yarns and reviews.

PT Cruiser axed amid Daimler's pullout from Chrysler - 19 November 2007

Now doesn’t this just warm you heart? On this day twelve years ago, Chrysler finally killed the hot-rod inspired PT Cruiser, following the Pacifica and Crossfire. We hope its grave was deep.

Very. Deep.

Daniel Ricciardo tops the timesheets in testing, beating Sebastian Vettel - 19 November 2010

Before Danny Ric made his formal Formula 1 debut in 2011, he was beating the then reigning World Champion on level pegging. Back then, Sebstian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton only had one title apiece….

Oh how times have changed

Nissan’s fire-breathing GT-R Nismo breaks cover - 19 November 2013

Hours out from its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan GT-R Nismo was leaked, showcasing the aggressive design and aerodynamics that would ultimately help it record a time of 7:08.679 at the Nurburgring.

And the R35 lives on today

Lamborghini Urus let loose in snowy forest ahead of launch - 19 November 2017

Before the Lamborghini Urus’s unveiling on December 4th 2017, we were teased with a clip showcasing its ‘Neve’ driving mode - Italian for snow.