Here’s a look at what happened on the week of November 11 in years past.
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12 November 2009 - Porsche battles shoe company over use of Cayman name

In a bizarre throwback from the archives, Porsche was once involved in a legal dispute over the use of the Cayman name… with Crocs.

The case was reportedly sorted but not before a nasty cease and desist letter from the Stuttgart-based firm and a statement from Crocs which said: “The company intends to vigorously defend itself against these claims.”


12 November 2010 - Volkswagen Group to buy Ferrari shares?

Remember that time Volkswagen really wanted to buy Ferrari?

Yes, really

12 November 2014 - Mark Webber's early-2007 Red Bull F1 car available for sale

Ever wanted to own Mark Webber’s 2003 Red Bull RB3 Formula 1 car? Five years ago you could, for a hefty $458,000.

The RB3 was developed by famed-designer Adrian Newey and with Webber behind the wheel, helped Red Bull achieve the second-ever podium finish at the 2007 European Grand Prix.

We wonder who bought it