Up to six separate spontaneous Ferrari 458 Italia fires have been reported worldwide, provoking deeper investigations by Ferrari. It's not exactly at the recall threshold just yet, but Ferrari is concerned that it is not simply a coincidence.
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All in a matter of a few months, the 458 fires initiated from the same area on the car. Now that the company has enough subjects to study, Ferrari is determined to sort out possible causes ranging from driver error, vehicle malfunction to climate conditions. A Ferrari spokesman said in a recent Just Auto report,

"It is important to differentiate between what is a vehicle fire and outside factors and I would include driver error. Six have been incidents where it potentially could be the driver or other factors. I am not in a position to comment on the vehicle fires and all we can say is we are taking it obviously very seriously."

If you have a heart colder than concrete and don't have a sensitive respect for cars, then here's a video you can watch of the latest 458, committing suicide. The video was posted up on the Tube last night.