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2020 Toyota Yaris GR-4 teased

Toyota is readying a new production Yaris hot hatch, following in the footsteps of the limited-run (and Europe-only) Yaris GRMN.
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Toyota is readying a rally-inspired hot hatch based on the 2020 Yaris – and the first prototype will be unveiled in Australia this month.

Based on the picture we have here, it's clear the GR-4 will be something fairly serious. The rear arches are seriously swollen, suggesting the performance Yaris will have a wider rear track than the standard car.

Given it's wrapped in the same camouflage as the GR Supra prototype we drove, it appears this will be a proper Toyota Gazoo Racing performance car.

The GR-4 name also offers a few hints as to what the high-performance Yaris has to offer. Previously, the GT4 and GT-Four badges have been used on rally-inspired Toyota road cars with all-wheel drive in the past, so there's a chance the Yaris will have the same.

Under the skin, the new Yaris (above) rides on a variation of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) chassis dubbed GA-B. It's lighter and stiffer than before, and the TNGA family has proven Toyota still knows how to make a car handle, so signs are good for the hot Yaris.

Toyota has also dipped its toe into the hot hatch waters recently, developing the limited-run Yaris GRMN (below) for Europe. Just 400 were built, powered by a 1.8-litre supercharged engine – and our reviews suggest it's a pretty handy thing.

The Yaris GR-4 will be unveiled at Rally Australia in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. Stay tuned for more.