Infiniti readying new infotainment system

Nissan's luxury arm is getting a new high-definition dual-screen infotainment system in 2020, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
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Infiniti will give its most important 2020 models a new dual-screen infotainment system, complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in the critical North American market.

Although it already has a dual-screen infotainment system in its stable, Nissan's luxury arm has treated it to a number of updates, including an updated navigation system with Google imagery, and the ability to update maps with over-the-air updates.

If you're not a fan of the inbuilt maps, Infiniti has finally given its line-up Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although it isn't a wireless system, the likes of which is offered by BMW and Volkswagen, the move brings Infiniti's cars into line with what's on offer in the latest Nissan models.

Infiniti says the hardware in the background has been given a boost, too. There's a new microphone for clearer audio on phone calls, and an updated Bluetooth receiver for faster connection.

The new 'InTouch' system will come with a Wi-Fi hotspot capable of supporting seven devices, too, so the whole family can be online in the QX80.


The new system won't make its way to Australia, with an Infiniti spokesperson telling CarAdvice "there are no changes being made to the existing Infiniti product line up in Australia".

Given the brand is withdrawing from Australia late in 2020, or earlier if it manages to sell its stock, that comes as no surprise.