Fisker SUV prototype to debut in January 2020

The debut of Fisker’s first electric SUV has been pushed out slightly, to January 2020.
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Fisker's long teaser campaign will finally come to a head in January 2020 when it reveals a 'production-intent prototype' of its upcoming SUV.

The SUV doesn’t currently have a name but company founder Henrik Fisker confirmed on Twitter he’d reveal the name next week, along with additional details.

On his Twitter, Henrik Fisker confirmed the Fisker app will launch at the end of November and his company will “open up reservations for ‘no hassle’ subscription to our all electric vehicle”. The SUV will be available only as a flexible lease with no long-term contract.

With his latest set of tweets come more teaser images. You don’t need to stitch them all together to see the upcoming Fisker is shaping up to be a handsome, modern SUV. There’s a smooth, grille-less face and a beltline that rises sharply towards the C-pillar.

The styling overall is less curvaceous and organic than the old Karma and the Emotion concept, as well as crisper than the rival Tesla Model Y.

Unlike electric start-up Rivian, Fisker hasn’t confirmed where its new model will be produced. Henrik Fisker has previously said he’s looking at existing manufacturing plants to utilise instead of constructing a new one and said earlier this year an American site was being finalised.

The company is targeting a production start date somewhere in the second half of 2021, with prototype testing beginning before the end of this year.

The company has previously touted the SUV would carry a base price of US$40,000 (A$55,000), pitching it right against the upcoming Tesla Model Y. It’ll have an 80kWh battery pack as standard, with an anticipated electric range of 480km. An all-wheel drive system will be available, featuring an electric motor on each axle.

Available features will include 22-inch alloy wheels and a roof option – dubbed the California package – that will make the SUV “all open, without being a soft top”. The interior will extensively use recycled materials and feature a large head-up display.

Fisker is working on developing solid-state battery technology with the aim of allowing future products to obtain enough charge in one minute to sustain them for 804km of driving.

The upcoming SUV will be the first product manufactured by Fisker Inc. Henrik Fisker previously used his name on Fisker Automotive, which manufactured the shapely Karma sedan before going bankrupt.

If all goes to plan, the SUV will be officially launched in 2022. Along with markets like the US and UK, Fisker has confirmed the vehicle will be available in Australia.