Jaguar F-Type gets the green light

Jaguar Land Rover is about to get a whole lot more serious and that means a fleet of new cars and concepts from the Tata owned automotive group.
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First up, it looks like the much delayed F-Type sports car project may finally become a reality, after it was first shown as a concept back in 1998, but was shelved due Jaguar’s poor financial health.

It’s also been almost 50 years since the iconic E-Type Jaguar was launched and ever since, the world has been eagerly awaiting the sequel.

The two-seat roadster remains one of the finest looking automobiles of all time and today, commands big money on the used car market.

Almost a year ago, I sat alone in a Frankfurt hotel with Jaguar design boss Ian Callum, and posed the question “when are you going to build a proper two seat sports car, worthy of the E-Type”

His answer was straight up as usual. “You don’t think we haven’t thought about this for the last 20 years. Of course we want to build that car, but it’s no good doing it, until we have the funds to do it properly”

Tata management has promised the group a £1 billion injection each year, so not only is the F-Type back on the table, but the design guys are already at the clay model stage.

Ian Callum is a top shelf designer with a real passion for the Jaguar marque, so expect something special when it comes to a two-seat roadster, which that is said to count the Porsche Boxter, as one of its key competitors.

That’s not all, Jaguar’s XF is selling well enough to warrant further editions to that family, including a estate (wagon) version that will compete with the prestige German brands.

While the smaller X-Type sold well enough in the UK, it was something of a flop in most other markets, but sources say, that it too will make a comeback with a design good enough to tempt traditional buyers of BMW’s 3-Series and Audi A4 models.

Land Rover fans will also benefit under Tata control, with a range of new models being planned for the future.

If the Range Rover Evoque is anything to go by, then it will be an exciting time at Gaydon and we look forward to more new designs from the premium 4WD luxury brand.