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2020 BMW M5 CS spied

BMW is readying a more focused variant of its M5 super sedan, designed to sit above the Competition.
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The upcoming BMW M5 CS has been snapped totally undisguised, revealing its lightweight wheels and carbon lip spoiler.

Designed to sit above the M5 Competition, which is no shrinking violet itself, the new CS will be lighter, more aggressive and potentially more powerful than its stablemates.

There are a couple of big giveaways that this is a CS, not a Competition wearing some M Performance add-ons. First up, it's wearing a CS badge...

But the carbon-fibre lip spoiler on the boot is very similar to that of the M3 CS and M4 CS, while the car's lightweight wheels are significantly spindlier than stock.

Previous prototypes we've seen have large carbon-ceramic brakes hiding behind those wheels, although they're not quite visible here.

Beyond the wing and wheels, our previous spy photos suggest the rest of the M5's body will remain largely unchanged. Given the M3 and M4 CS had stripped-back cabins with plenty of carbon-fibre, we'd suggest a similar treatment is likely for the M5 CS.

As for what's under the bonnet? Expect a variation of the 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 used in the Competition, potentially with more power than the 460kW than is currently offered.

Rumours have also suggested BMW M is working on a more powerful V8 engine, but it's unlikely it'll be ready in time to feature in the CS.

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