Victorian Government may reward safer cars

With their Arrive Alive campaign due to finish next year, the Victorian Government is planning its next step down the road safety path with Premier John Brumby conceiving a proposal to offer financial rewards to the buyers of safer cars.
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Under the proposed scheme the ideology of utilising technology to reduce the road toll is one small way we can at least try to tackle the issue, a move which has been welcomed from motoring bodies and manufacturers alike.

The idea, although in its infancy, is to offer a rebate or perhaps even on-going reduced registration fees to Victorians who buy safer cars which could mean those who achieve five star safety ratings, have ESP or perhaps those with additional air bags.

CarAdvice feels this is a move in the right direction and hope the idea may also extend to offering driver education in high schools, perhaps even as part of the curriculum. Kudos to Mr Brumby, perhaps Mr Iemma could take a leaf out of your book.

Source: Herald-Sun