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TRD GR Supra 3000GT Concept teased

Toyota is going to turn up the wick on the Supra at SEMA, with big wings, aggressive looks and (hopefully) more power.
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Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is preparing a Supra that's been cranked up to 11 for SEMA, having drawn inspiration from a classic Supra concept.

At this point we only have a shadowy video to work with, but the Supra 3000GT Concept certainly looks like something special. Down back there's a towering rear wing with a smaller spoiler worked into the bootlid.

Although it's tough to tell, it looks like there'll be an angry diffuser as well.

The bonnet wears aggressive triangular vents, hopefully on hand to cool an uprated version of the car's inline-six engine. TRD hasn't revealed details about what will power the 3000GT Concept.

As for why it's called the 3000GT? In 1994, Toyota used the Tokyo Auto Salon to reveal the A80 Supra 3000GT widebody concept.

Like the car we see here, it featured an aggressively-vented bonnet and pumped-up fenders. It also ran with a big rear wing, and achingly cool '90s five-spoke wheels.

We'll have to wait until SEMA in Las Vegas, which kicks off on November 6 in Australia.

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