Road Rage in Australia

Are we really getting sick of idiot drivers on the road or what? I know I am. Nothing in the world frustrates me more than trying to merge onto a highway behind a grandma slowing down to 60 to "safely" merge. So many times have slow / careless drivers almost caused me massive accidents. Offcourse, in the case of our 93 year old grandma, it would have been my fault, why was I so close to the other car when I was trying to merge? Maybe because I was trying to merge onto the highway! You don't slow down, you speed up! It's so frustrating!
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4WDs who take up the right lane, or just come out of car parks or simply merge into you whenever they feel like it! Slow drivers who go 20km/hr under the speed limit then when you try to pass them on the right hand lane you end up with a speeding ticket because you were going 6km over the limit... It’s all my fault, because I was speeding. It doesn't matter if you go 50km/hr in a 90 zone, as long as you don’t go 100. The reality is slow drivers cause just as many accidents as speeding drivers; albeit in different ways. A speeding driver might cause himself an accident and have his own car involved in the accident, Slow drivers on the otherhand, firstly, cause other drivers to speed, and secondly, usually not be involved in the accident it self, so it's not their fault. So what do the police do? Spend millions of dollars a year advertising for us to slow down and promote this idea that almost all accidents are a result of speeding drivers. It doesn't matter if you take up 2 lanes on the highway, as long as you don't speed. It doesn't matter if you do your make up in the rear view mirror and stop traffic every 20 seconds; just make sure you don't speed!

It is absolutely and utterly frustrating! So what happens when you get really fed up with the 4WD, Volvo and the 80yr old+ drivers? You get angry. You get angrier than a fat woman who just dropped her cheeseburger. Road rage can take many forms. I can personally say that I suffer from road rage; lots of drivers make me really angry. They simply don't care where the other cars are, they are in big tank-sized cars and they have this attitude of, well, I am in a big car, you better give me way or you'll get crushed. Thankfully though, my anger is shared by lots of people!

A staggering 87 per cent of Australians suffer from road rage, according to survey, with females and young people being the most frequent offenders. CarsGuide

87 per cent! My god. Given that, it seems that either some of the people who suffer from road rage are actually the ones causing the road rage for others, or that only 13% of people are bad drivers. I am not sure which one is right; nevertheless it seems to me that half the people on the road wouldn't pass a driving test if they took it again today. Which is why I would be in absolute favour of a mandatory 5 year licensing system whereby you would have to take your driving test every 5 years to keep a license. Sure it will cost a lot of money to hire new staff for all the sections, but it’s not like the government isn't going to make it back! With the ~$40 charge for taking a driving test these days, it would even act like a cash cow for the government. The main question is who would vote for a government that wanted to introduce these laws? The funny thing is, I think 87% of people would! So why isn't an opportunist minister coming out and saying he wants to introduce these laws? I'd be right behind him!