Hyundai i30 Fastback N to take on WTAC

Hyundai will enter a lightly-modified i30 N Fastback in this year's World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsports Park.
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Hyundai will enter a modified i30 Fastback N in the 2019 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC), as it looks to develop a range of performance-oriented parts for its road-going range.

Competing in Clubsprint class, the modified Fastback will go head-to-head with other 'lightly-modified' road cars. The project has been headed up by Hyundai Australia, with backing from head office.

Under the bonnet is a more powerful take on the i30 N's turbocharged four-cylinder engine, featuring a reworked ECU, a larger intercooler, and an upgraded turbocharger.

The boosted motor breathes through a louder exhaust, designed to make even more noise than the already-grumbly standard unit.

Those wheels are forged OZ Racing units nicked from the i30 N Project C, while the carbon-fibre bonnet and Alcantara steering wheel are also straight out of the Project C.

Most noticeable among the changes are the aerodynamic add-ons, developed by the boffins at Dynamic Aero Solutions to create 250kg of front downforce and 450kg over the rear axle.

"The great challenge with the Clubsprint class is we’re quite restricted with the aerodynamic changes we can make to the car," said Dr Sammy Diasinos, an ex-F1 aerodynamics expert from Dynamic Aero Solutions.

"But with the front splitter and wing package we have developed there should be a significant increase in the downforce and cornering ability of the i30 Fastback N.

"This whole project is about showing what the standard car is capable of doing, so the aero is the only major change because that’s what is required to be competitive at World Time Attack. The car will be up against some highly modified cars even in Clubsprint."

The i30 N Fastback WTAC will be on show at Sydney Motorsport Park on October 19 and 20.