Mitsubishi Triton 2019 gls (4x4), Mitsubishi Triton 2020 gls (4x4)

2020 Mitsubishi Triton review

Rating: 8.1
$22,490 $51,990 Mrlp
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Australia’s top-selling ute among private buyers has come in for some minor but worthwhile changes for 2020.
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The Mitsubishi Triton ute has had a minor makeover for the 2020 model year, but the changes will appeal mostly to those who want to head off-road.

Mitsubishi has added a rear diff lock to the middle-of-the-range GLX+ and GLS, both of which are popular variants among private buyers. Previously a rear diff lock – standard on most ute rivals but absent on the Holden Colorado and Isuzu D-Max – was only available on the flagship Mitsubishi Triton GLS Premium.

Mitsubishi has also added the air-recirculating roof pod (to redirect cool air to back seat passengers) to the GLX+ – previously it was only on the GLS and GLS Premium.

The GLX+ does still, however, miss out on Mitsubishi’s Super Select system, which allows the Triton to be operated in four-wheel drive on sealed roads. For now, only the GLS and GLS Premium retain this class-exclusive feature of having a switchable four-wheel-drive system that can be operated on sealed roads. All Triton 4x4 models can, however, still engage four-wheel drive while on the move up to 100km/h.

Other minor changes include the Triton GLS Premium gaining a black sports bar rather than an alloy finish.

The Triton GLS gains a sensor key with push-button start, but loses its sports bar because, Mitsubishi says, most private buyers of this variant are fitting canopies or replacing the ute tub with an alloy drop-side tray.

(If you notice the side steps are missing from some of the examples in some of the photos, they were removed purely for the gnarly media preview drive – they’re still standard on showroom models.)

To reflect the changes, the price of the GLX+ has risen by $1000, the GLS auto is up by $650, and the GLS Premium is up $500.

Recommended retail prices for the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton range are listed below; however, it’s worth noting that these are largely academic as the company offers sharp drive-away deals on its website from month to month.

While each of the prices listed below would normally add $3500 in on-road costs, many of the drive-away deals are less than the RRP, meaning the total savings add up to in excess of $5000.

For example, the RRP for the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ double-cab automatic is listed at $43,490 plus on-roads (about $46,990 drive-away at full retail).

However, the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ is currently available for $40,490 drive-away. Even if you take into account the $1000 price increase for the 2020 model (that comes with the rear diff lock and roof-mounted air circulator), the GLX+ is likely to limbo to $41,490 drive-away – about $5500 off full retail – if you ask nicely or are prepared to be patient. History shows Mitsubishi introduces sharp deals within a few months of an update.

There is no change to the safety systems on the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton line-up and it maintains its five-star rating.

The GLX+ comes with autonomous emergency braking and lane-departure warning (an $800 option on the GLX), while the GLS and GLS Premium also get blind-spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert.

The GLS and GLS Premium come with front and rear parking sensors, while the GLS Premium has a 360-degree camera (other variants have a rear-view camera).

Radar cruise control – standard on the Toyota HiLux and optional on the Ford Ranger – is not yet available on the Triton.

Mitsubishi has extended the seven-year/150,000km warranty deal to run until the end of 2019, though chances are it will roll into 2020 along with the rest of the range. For now, the seven-year warranty offer is exclusive to the Triton and has been running since the start of the year.

Meanwhile, owners remain short-changed on capped-price servicing. The cost of the individual services is competitive ($299 per visit), but price certainty runs out after the first three intervals of 12 months/15,000km. Other brands offer capped pricing over the warranty period or beyond. Mitsubishi is reviewing this, too.

On the road

Other than the addition of a rear diff lock to the GLX+ and GLS, there are no mechanical changes to the Mitsubishi Triton range for 2020. That said, it is less than 12 months since this facelifted model went on sale, which brought with it sweeping changes.

To recap, the GLX and GLX+ models gained all-terrain tyres rather than highway rubber, and the GLS and GLS Premium gained bigger front brakes and an 18-inch wheel and tyre package that lifted ground clearance to 220mm.

The approach angle on the GLX and GLX+ models is a competitive 30 degrees, while the GLS is rated at 31 degrees due to the taller tyre profile.

The GLS Premium approach angle is only rated at 27.5 because it comes with a nudge bar, though that can be removed if you want to go bush.

The 2.4-litre turbo diesel retains its 133kW/430Nm output and is available with a choice of six-speed manual or six-speed auto on most models (up from a five-speed auto prior to this facelift in late 2018). The GLS Premium is available as an automatic only.

Maximum towing capacity is the same as before: 3100kg. However, with the changes the payload has decreased by 2–3kg on the GLS Premium auto (855kg), GLS auto (910kg) and GLS manual (915kg) – and decreased by up to 11kg on the GLX+ (to 945kg on both auto and manual).

The turning circle remains one of the best in the ute class at 11.8m – about 1m less than most rivals – which makes the Triton easier to manouvre in tight spaces.

Ride comfort across the GLX+ and GLS Premium is fair for a ute rather than outstanding, but the steering has an evenly weighted feel and the Triton feels competent and confident in most situations.

Mitsubishi chose the Flinders Ranges to demonstrate the capability of the Triton GLX+ and GLS when equipped with a diff lock.

Both vehicles managed to find grip in near impossible conditions, with the shale broken up so badly on the hilly surface it was difficult to climb on foot. Somehow, the Tritons made it up each obstacle time after time. Then again, Mitsubishi wouldn’t have brought us out here if it wasn’t to work in its favour.

Few owners would put their cars through such terrain, but in much the same way, few Ferrari owners take their cars on a racetrack, so it’s good to know its capabilities.

The other surprise to me was how well the tyres held up. The pressures were lowered to about 25psi cold, which no doubt helped, but nevertheless it was impressive.

The rear air circulator in the roof works better than expected, but it helps if one of the drivers up front is prepared to point one of the vents in the centre of the dash up to the roof.

Off-road, the Triton will get where most buyers fear to tread, but it’s still better suited as a lifestyle vehicle than a heavy hauler.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Triton, while not as car-like to drive as some of its peers, is still impressive value for money, well equipped, and is available with the latest safety aids when most rivals are not.

2020 Mitsubishi Triton pricing

Excluding registration and on-road costs

Triton Single Cab

  • 4x2 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Man Petrol $22,490
  • 4x2 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Man Diesel $25,990
  • 4x2 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Auto Diesel $28,490
  • 4x4 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Man Diesel $32,990
  • 4x4 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Auto Diesel $35,490

Triton Club Cab

  • 4x4 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Man Diesel $35,490
  • 4x4 GLX ADAS Cab Chassis 2.4L Auto Diesel $38,790
  • 4x4 GLX+ Cab Chassis 2.4L Auto Diesel $41,490 (+$1000)

Triton Dual Cab

  • 4x2 GLX ADAS Pick Up 2.4L Auto Diesel $36,290
  • 4x4 GLX Cab Chassis 2.4L Man Diesel $36,240
  • 4x4 GLX ADAS Cab Chassis 2.4L Auto Diesel $39,540
  • 4x4 GLX 2.4L Pick Up Man Diesel $37,490
  • 4x4 GLX 2.4L Pick Up Auto Diesel $39,990
  • 4x4 GLX ADAS 2.4L Pick Up Man Diesel $38,290
  • 4x4 GLX ADAS 2.4L Pick Up Auto Diesel $40,790
  • 4x4 GLX+ 2.4L Pick Up Man Diesel $40,990 (+$1000)
  • 4x4 GLX+ 2.4L Pick Up Auto Diesel $43,490 (+$1000)
  • 4x4 GLS 2.4L Pick Up Man Diesel $45,140 (+$500)
  • 4x4 Toby Price Edition Pick Up Man Diesel $48,140
  • 4x4 GLS 2.4L Pick Up Auto Diesel $46,990 (+$650)
  • 4x4 Toby Price Edition Pick Up Auto Diesel $50,640
  • 4x4 GLS Premium 2.4L Pick Up Auto Diesel $51,990 (+$500)