BMW: 6000 German jobs facing the axe - report

In its attempts to save money, BMW is looking at making up to 6000 employees in its home market redundant.
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BMW could axe between 5000-6000 jobs in Germany, including some high-profile senior management figures, as it seeks to cut costs.

A report in the influential German publication Manager Magazin says Nicholas Peter, BMW chief financial officer, could announce the job losses before the end of 2019, but they won't be fully realised until 2022.

The company is currently undergoing a shakeup at the top, which kicked off when Oliver Zipse succeeded Harald Kruger as chief executive officer in August.

According to the report, Klaus Frolich, BMW board member for development, will be one of the senior executives to be replaced under the new plan.

In response to the report, BMW released a statement claiming it is "making use of attrition to focus the company even more on the future and to increase efficiency".

It's not just jobs in the firing line, earlier this year another report suggested the company will axe a raft of slow-selling niche models when they reach the end of their current lifecycle.

The 2 Series Convertible, the 8 Series, regular wheelbase 7 Series, and Z4 are all reportedly in the firing line when they reach the end of their current lifecycle. The coupe-styled X2 SUV is also reportedly living on borrowed time.

Those would join the three-door 1 Series, the 3 Series GT, and the 2 Series Gran Tourer, which have all recently been axed.