Wiesmann 'Project Gecko' teased with BMW power

German carmaker Wiesmann's latest sports car will launch in 2020, with power from a 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 engine.
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Wiesmann will launch a new sports car dubbed 'Project Gecko' in 2020, with a retro-inspired body and power from the BMW M5's turbocharged V8 engine.

Although it's hidden a sheet at the moment, it's clear the 'Gecko' will draw on some of Wiesmann's classic design cues. The front end will house a centrally-mounted grille and dual headlights, along with flared wheel arches.

There's a subtle ducktail rear spoiler and pronounced rear guards, both of which would suggest the car will have a classical profile evoking cars like the Jaguar XK120. It'll also draw upon the Wiesmann GT MF5 released in 2009.

Under the long bonnet will be a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine. In the M5 Competition it outputs 460kW and 750Nm, mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission, so we'd suggest the Wiesmann will offer similar numbers.

We'd suggest that could be enough to see a 100km/h sprint in the low-three-second bracket and a top speed north of 300km/h.

Expect to see the extensive use of carbon-fibre and aluminium in the body to save weight, and a sophisticated double-wishbone suspension under the skin.

There's no indication of whether Wiesmann will build the car in right-hand drive, nor how much it'll cost.