The dreams of a hybrid or pure-electric Ford or Volkswagen ute for the global market could be over before they begin, with a senior Volkswagen official stating its electrification plans don't include the Amarok at this stage.
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It's no secret Ford and Volkswagen are co-developing commercial vehicles, including the next-generation Amarok and Ranger dual-cab utes.

Ford is responsible for the medium-sized pickup truck, while Volkswagen is leading development of small vans. The two companies are also signed up to share Volkswagen's MEB platform.

Hot on the heels of the ID.3 reveal in Frankfurt, a Volkswagen board member revealed the entire VW range will be electrified by 2025... not including the Amarok.

"Until 2025 we will bring 20 models on this MEB platform. With these 20 models we will cover all segments we have today. [The ID.3] is the size of a Golf with the interior size of a Passat, and it speeds up like a GTI," said Volkswagen board member and chief operating officer, Ralf Brandstatter.

"Of course, cars that are similar like a Tiguan or like a Passat will follow. Therefore we are planning 20 models by 2025 on this platform.

By that assumption, the Amarok would also be in line for electrification – but when further quizzed on the matter, Brandstatter excluded the Amarok from the equation.

"At the moment this type of car is not planned to electrify," he said.

This could pose an issue for both Ford and Volkswagen given Toyota has committed to electrifying its entire range, including the HiLux, by 2025.

Mitsubishi has just confirmed the next generation of the Triton, due in two to three years, and subsequently the Nissan Navara will be electrified.

Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan haven't confirmed electrification types, but mild-hybrid systems and potentially a range of plug-in hybrids could be the go.

Ultimately, Ford's plans to produce a fully electric F-150 pickup truck could lead to trickle down technology, but at this stage it seems Volkswagen either isn't aware of that plan, or has ruled it out entirely.